What is Sports Therapy?

//What is Sports Therapy?

What is Sports Therapy?

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Although many people have heard of the term Sports Therapy, very few are actually aware of what Sports Therapy is and more importantly what it can do for you. Having the term ‘sport’ in the title can be very misleading and give the impression that it is only useful for people who play sport or have sporting injuries. In actual fact, Sports Therapy focuses on getting a person back to full fitness, regardless of their lifestyle, age or ability.

Dealing with an injury

Those who have experienced an injury will know how debilitating it can be. Not being able to do simple everyday tasks can make you feel physically and emotionally drained; quite often people say that they don’t even feel like the same person. The recovery road can be a long and gruelling task full of ups and downs, but our Sports Therapists can offer help and guidance at every step of the way. Whether the injury has just occurred, or it is years down the line and you’re still suffering, we can provide treatment, rehabilitation and advice to not only help you get back on your feet, but to get you to your optimum fitness.

Arguably the three most important things when trying to recover from an injury are: management, treatment and rehabilitation.


It is important to know how to manage an injury properly, as this is the starting path for an efficient and effective recovery. Here are a few questions that are commonly asked:

When should I rest?

When should I start moving again?

When should I use heat?

When should I use ice?

What can I do to ease the pain?

How can I get my strength back?

Knowing the right answer to these questions can make all the difference when it comes to recovery time. Whether you have questions about your injury, your recovery, or simply want some motivation and reassurance, our Sports Therapists have a great knowledge to provide you with the answers you require.




Treatment is a vital part of any recovery. Not only can it aid your body through the healing process, but it can also reduce the frequency and intensity of any symptoms such as pain or pins and needles. Our Sports Therapists offer a wide range of treatment techniques to suit every individual, including but not exclusive to: massage, mobilisations, electrotherapy and taping.


Rehabilitation of an injury is what will take you from barely being able to move, to having your optimum strength and fitness back. It can be categorised into four stages: Early, intermediate, late and functional. No matter what stage you are at, our Sports Therapists can create a personalised rehabilitation plan that will incorporate every aspect of recovery and take you to the next level.

Not Injured?

You don’t have to be injured to require a Sports Therapist. For non-injured individuals, the key thing to keep it that way is maintenance. Just because you are fully fit, doesn’t mean you will automatically stay that way. Quite often people are at a higher risk of injury than they realise, therefore it is important to maintain a high level of care to reduce this risk. Whether you are aching after a gym session, fatigued after a run, or even your back is a bit sore after picking up the kids, our Sports Therapists can work with you to get back your full potential.


Prehabilitation is another key component in Sports Therapy; it focuses on the prevention of injuries. Why go through all the trouble of recovery if you can reduce the risk of the injury happening in the first place? Our Sports Therapists can identify factors which could place you at higher risk of injury and help eliminate them.


If you feel like seeing a Sports Therapist would benefit you or you would like to enquire, call us on 01908 722499 or visit our website www.bodilightosteopathy.co.uk. Even if you are unsure on whether this is right for you, why not give it a try anyway. We offer a 25% discount to new members on their first visit. Simply quote OSTEO25 when booking to receive your discount.