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Congratulations, Mums and Dads…you’re having a baby!!

Our bodies are amazing and do a great job of growing our little bundles of joy but, sometimes Mum’s body needs a little help while Baby Bump is growing; adapting to its new relationship with gravity can be tricky.

Maybe Dads want to treat your partner to a treatment that will relax and support both Mum and baby?

Here are a few questions answered to help guide you when making your decision to book your appointment with Bodilight Osteopathy Clinic, here in Milton Keynes.

1. What is the difference between a Pregnancy Massage and a Pregnancy Osteopathy Treatment?

With massage, we apply gentle pressure into the muscles to reduce any tension that might be causing aches and pains. Often working up the spine, across the back, shoulders and across the buttocks.  As well as massage, the Osteopathic technique would include the use of gentle movement through the joints of the body. In pregnancy, this is often the spine or pelvis. But it could be anywhere, depending on where the Osteopath finds strain patterns through your tissues…clever stuff!

2. Why would I pick one over the other?

Massage can be very relaxing, calming and reduce the stress in the nervous system for both Mum and baby. Muscles are working very hard carrying bump and can get tired and achy.

Because of the change in a pregnant woman’s body, some muscles are stretched and others become tight…it’s helpful to have these released. Osteopathy can help with the most common pregnancy related conditions. Which are lower back pain, sciatica, pelvic pain, groin or pubic pain also known as SPD (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction), breathlessness and swollen legs. Ahh the joys of pregnancy! Fear not…Osteopathy is very well placed to offer pain relief and help a pregnant woman’s body adapt to the changes she is going through!

3. Do I need to have something wrong or hurting in order for me to have a Massage or Osteopathy treatment?

No, not at all. Both mum and bump can benefit. During this time, a woman’s body has to adapt to a new shape and additional job/function. With Massage, we concentrate more on keeping the muscles relaxed and supple.  An Osteopathic Treatment may work more on allowing the spine, pelvis, diaphragm and ribs to accommodate changes that come with bump.

4. Is it safe?

Yes, our Osteopaths are trained to recognise contraindications and treatment should be suitable for any healthy and stable pregnancy.

It is perfectly safe for a pregnant woman to have a Massage with our Sports Massage Therapist too, if you are 12 weeks or over. The treatment will just be adapted for you.

5. Will I have to lay on my front?

After a certain point in pregnancy, this is uncomfortable. Everything we do can be done effectively whilst you lay comfortably on your side.

6. Can treatment help before and after birth?

Yes, absolutely. After the birth, you may be prone to strains and sprains. Breast feeding and carrying your new born baby also adds strain to the body.

Treatments can also be useful if you have any pre-existing injuries or spinal problems.


We hope this has helped and eased your minds. If there are any questions or concerns we haven’t covered here and you would like further information, please feel free to give us a call on 01908 722499 or drop us an email at

It is Bodilight’s pleasure to be a part of your pregnancy journey, it is the most powerful creation to have life growing inside of you. There is no bigger gift.

Remember that feeling fat only lasts for 9 months but the joy of becoming a mum lasts forever!