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Lucas Papantoniou MOst
Registered Osteopath

“Lucas is very knowledgeable, sympathetic and unambiguous with his treatment. He made me feel extremely comfortable and relaxed whilst helping to fix me. I started to feel the benefits after my first treatment. Highly recommend!”

Lucas graduated on September 2021 from the British College of Osteopathic Medicine. He has already gained lots of experience treating a wide variety of patients and enjoys helping them get back to optimal function as soon as possible. He believes in helping patients to take back responsibility of their health and function, therefore he will almost always prescribe exercises to complement and enhance his in-clinic treatment results. These exercises will be discussed to suit and fit in with patient lifestyle and routine. They will be tailored alongside the treatment to alleviate discomforts and give the tools to prevent reoccurrence. Lucas promotes ‘a little and often’ approach to helping you on your road to recovery, rather than doing too much too quickly which can sometimes lead to further damage or delayed recovery.

Lucas is passionate about mental health and loves learning about such a wide scope subject. When he is not reading about Mental health or furthering his development in Osteopathy, Lucas is a keen Table tennis player, having competed as a English National Champion twice previously. Lucas is only too familiar of just how impactual any injury can be in the sporting world and he knows through his own experience just how beneficial Osteopathy treatment can be.