Staying fit & injury free!

//Staying fit & injury free!

Staying fit & injury free!

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Stay injury free, without the life devotion to fitness! My story and testimonial!

I am a mum, I have barely got time to go to the gym, let alone live the zen lifestyle associated with injury prevention suggested by online fitness experts. Younger friends and family are able to devote time and money to their fitness goals that I simply cannot. By the time I have been to work, spent time with the family, eaten and slept, I think that I do very well to give myself 45 mins in a day to look after my health and fitness. I am looking for a way to keep this up injury free, without becoming a disciple of diet, or extreme, upside down, silent Yoga and aura readings.

I am running predominantly at the moment, and have heard that 80% of runners will experience injury in any given year. Road running has its critics and there are many common causes that people suggest to me. New shoes, Old shoes (no shoes!) stride management, grass running, beach running there is no shortage of advice out there to cure my injury woes.

Training when you are older further increases the likelihood of injury, but the alternative of exercising less,  is far less healthy in my opinion, so I will persevere!

I always heal eventually, but I find the disruption to my cardio rhythm and workout efficiency very annoying. I am by no means a natural, gifted or even competitive runner, but I like to set myself a goal such as calories burned or distance covered. I notice a marked drop in morale when I notably regress after even a small injury break.

I eat healthily in general because of the little ones, and can’t take the time out for a full injury prevention programme every day. I would just like to maintain the level I have worked so hard to build up. I am very aware that when you are past the age of 40, your body reacts differently to exercise. Reductions in muscle strength, mass and elasticity, as well as loss of efficiency of the heart and lungs undoubtedly affect stamina and endurance.  An uninterrupted training routine helps me fight (and track!) any decline in performance.

I had a back strain last year, and the physio I visited was training to become an Osteopath at the time. We got talking during the sessions, and I was surprised to hear that many of the persistent injuries that I was experiencing were potentially connected to underlying problems.

I was naturally suspicious; this guy was trying to drum up his own business, and give me another monthly bill to worry about. I went to see a different practitioner just on the off chance!

A Bodilight  Sports Therapist, and he came to the same conclusion as my other physio. A consultation and two follow up treatments spread over 6 months and I have not looked back. So many different elements of my lifestyle were examined prior to treatment; many I had never considered could be associated with my problems. Very thorough MOT-It turned out that I was in very good shape, and doing lots of the correct things.  A few basic lifestyle tweaks, stretching programme, and training tips and all I can say is that I am now injury free for 12 months, after 6 years of life on the physio table. I have spent half what I was shelling out on Swedish\Thai rub downs, have a proactive prevention strategy , and have really noticed an improvement in my overall energy.

Never fancied a personal trainer (you know what I mean ;D ) but I urge you to see a medical professional to guide you on your personal fitness journey.

Thanks Bodilight!