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Student life

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Many believe the life of a student to be easy and plain-sailing, after all it’s all about partying and having fun, right? Wrong! As a University student I spend an average of 30-40 hours a week hunched over a desk, whether that be studying at home or writing notes in lectures. That doesn’t sound too much, does it? Now add in the fact that I’m a receptionist, again sat at a computer for long periods of time and to top it off, I’m a migraine sufferer!

I approached a sports therapist at Bodilight Osteopathy Clinic for a sports massage as I had heard that this specific type of massage was perfect at exercising the muscles that don’t get used too often, usually due to too much time sat over a desk. When I arrived for my appointment at Bodilight the Sports Therapist was extremely helpful in guiding me on what the treatment would actually do for me, for example she explained that it would be really beneficial in reducing the stress I was experiencing by breaking down the tension I had specifically in my shoulders.

Before the treatment started, I explained to the Sports Therapist that I was nervous it may hurt as I’d read online that these types of massage could be quite uncomfortable. She assured me that she would only apply pressure that I was comfortable with and I actually found myself able to handle more pressure than expected as I was completely at ease knowing that I had complete control over the severity of my treatment. The treatment itself was lovely and the Sports Therapist was really attentive to my specific needs. The massage was the perfect mix between relaxing and powerful and I could really feel my muscles being worked and any knots really being pushed out, all at a pressure that was still comfortable for me.

After my treatment had finished I went into further detail about some of the symptoms that I suffer with when experiencing a migraine, I was astonished at all the various ways that either the Sports Therapist or Osteopaths at Bodilight could help. I’ll be the first to admit that I was once a sceptic regarding Sports therapy and Osteopathy, but it really has made the difference! I’m now more aware of my posture and how that leads to tension in my shoulders, which in turn effects my migraines! I’ll definitely be back for another sports massage in a few weeks.

So, if you’re a student who spends a lot of time studying at a desk and writing out lecture notes then Bodilight really could help you! What’s even better is that there is a 20% student discount, anyone who knows a student will know how much we love a good discount!