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Mynndie Panesar DO MRO
Registered Osteopath

“Very friendly, knowledgeable and clearly very experienced. Mynndie was very considerate to my needs. Thank you”Joanne, Bedfordshire

Mynndie qualified as an Osteopath in 1989 from The British school of Osteopathy in London. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience and treats a variety of ailments from babies to the elderly with a whole spectrum of issues. She believes each patient is unique and will require a tailor made treatment to help them on their road to recovery. Mynndie especially loves to use the Ultra Sound Therapy as part of her repertoire as well as soft tissue and manipulation and articulation be it for back ache, headaches and migraines, chronic reflux, PMT, Irritable Bowel disorders, arthritis etc

Mynndie is passionate about helping people and absolutely loves a challenge so if you have anything from a niggling ache to a chronic pain she would be only too happy to help.