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Clare Fensome HipSAL
Sports Massage Therapist

“I absolutely loved the massage that Clare gave me. This is definitely something I’d like to work into my life more often as a form of self care, but also as I like to work out – as a form of maintenance too!! Clare first assessed me standing which I thought was excellent and we discussed areas that I hold tension and discomfort. Clare is very thorough and was able to pinpoint areas of tension to work on. Just the right level of firmness I felt totally relaxed! I highly recommend that you book in with Clare!”Amy.V (Leighton Buzzard)

Sports Massage Therapist Clare has firsthand experience of soft tissue problems, so she is keen to help others to ensure that they are not stopped from living their lives to the fullest. She can support and ease aches and pains and as well as offer an escape from busy lives to maintain happiness, wellbeing and a balanced body and mind.

Clare has a very busy, active lifestyle so understands that the show must go on and can help you maintain your bodies muscular structure whilst protecting from injuring. She has given treatment to runners at the London Marathon and St Albans half Marathon, as well as working with issues caused by a static working environment, plus postural issues occurred by having children, lifting and breastfeeding. She is a full member of the Sports Massage Association and can advise on improving posture, flexibility and stretching.

Clare can provide different soft tissue massage techniques to locate and identify the tension and tender points in the tissues and use pressure to release them. Clare also understands the importance of relaxation and how it can improve mental health, anxiety and depression, massage is becoming key to a well-balanced lifestyle and Clare champions this. She will continue her training this year with Myofascia release course and then Kinesiology taping in 2019.